Brawn GP Australian GP 2009 Button (Winner)


Model Brand: TAMEO Scale: 1/43
Builder: Kane & Co.
Description: Brawn GP Australian GP 09 Jenson Button (1st)

Highlight: This is the model of Brawn GP F1 which raced in Australia 09. The colour scheme of Brawn is simple (White, fluorescent yellow & black) and a few of sponsor. This model is built from the full white metal Tameo kit; they are built with the aim of offering the best possible reproduction of the real racing cars. The body included the decals are covered with high gloss clear coat. The wings and some other parts are welded together to enhance the rigidity. All the swing arms are covered with carbon fiber decals to highlight the realistic from a real car. The model is mounted on high quality acrylic display case with descriptions on the base.

Story: The Brawn BGP 001 is a Formula One racing car, designed and built by Brawn GP. It was their first Formula One car and is being used by them to contest the 2009 Formula One season. It was unveiled at Silverstone in the United Kingdom on March 6, 2009.

At the first race of the season in Australia an official complaint was launched by Renault, Red Bull and Ferrari against the diffusers of the Williams FW31, Toyota TF109 and the BGP 001 saying that they were illegal. However the race stewards did not share that view and rejected the other teams’ complaints. Subsequently the car was cleared to race in Melbourne.

Brawn started quickly at the season opening Australian Grand Prix, comfortably sitting in the top five in Friday practice. In qualifying itself Jenson Button took pole with fellow teammate Rubens Barrichello coming 2nd followed by Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel. This was followed by a race win for Jenson Button with Barrichello second, giving the BGP 001 a 1-2 finish on its debut, which had not happened since 1954. Button started off well but Barrichello started slowly and created an accident at the first corner involving Mark Webber and Nick Heidfeld. Button led the whole of the race with the only challenge coming at the end of each safety car phase; Robert Kubica’s shunt with Vettel placing Barrichello back in second. He took the chequered flag from behind the safety car.

There was an appeal launched on the ‘diffuser cars’ but was rejected by the FIA on Wednesday 14 April, 2009 leaving the diffuser on the BGP 001 clear to race.

When it was first run, the only logos covering the plain white body of the BGP 001 were those of Bridgestone, Virgin Group and Brawn GP themselves. .

The BGP 001 uses a Mercedes-Benz FO108W engine, supplied through a customer deal. Per the 2009 regulations, the engine is a naturally aspirated unit with eight cylinders in a ‘V’ configuration and is rev-limited to 18,000 rpm. Originally the car was designed around a Honda-designed engine, however when the organisation announced their withdrawal from the sport, a customer deal with Mercedes was obtained. It was reported that deals with Ferrari and Mercedes were available, the latter being chosen as it was simpler to integrate into the existing car. Unlike Mercedes’ other customers Force India who take supply of both the engine and a McLaren-designed transmission, the BGP 001 uses a semi-automatic transmission designed in-house at Brawn. This provides seven forward gears and one reverse gear, and is operated using two paddles located on the steering wheel. So far in the 2009 season, Brawn have not opted to use a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which would provide an extra 80 bhp (60 kW) for up to 6.6 seconds a lap, due to the constraints such a device would place on the design of the car and the extra weight it would add. Ross Brawn has suggested that a KERS is not currently a high priority for the team

Due to the display of your computer, the colour of the model may differ slightly from the original.

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