McLaren MP4/4 Monaco (Qualify), British GP 1988 A. Senna | A. Prost


Model Brand: MFH
Scale: 1/43
Builder: Kane & Co.
Description & Highlight:

– The models showing here are not “out-of-the box” version.
– They are the bespoke items for our collectors.
– You will be amazed with our effort that we have done to it.
– This model is made up of over thousand of separate parts including photo etched plates, metal wiring , Tubing, screws and nuts etc…
– The model are precisely replicated in highly detail and fully decorated with added wires, hoses and many parts.
– 1/43 White Metal assembly model of the F1 team McLaren car.
– Body painted in team McLaren Marlboro colour scheme.
– Rear wing and some other fragile parts are all welded instead of using glue.
– The Double rear wing and rain tires where it was driven by Ayrton Senna during Monaco GP of Qualify race.
– Seat belts are in fabric.
– Added metal heat insulation plates on top of exhaust pipes.
– Added hoses for brake fluid reservoirs.
– Brake hoses has been added to the brake calipers.
– Bridged brake hoses between calipers on each wheel.
– All 4 disk brakes are painted in grey to enhanced the carbon disk effect.
– All 4 rims are painted in black with air valve on each wheel.
– Durable and accurately replicated metal double wish bone and spring suspension arms are bolted on to the chassis.
– Removable body canopy in order to display the model with the engine openly.
– Turbo units and exhausts are painted in burned colour to creat the burn effect.
– Nose cone are removable.
– Nose top panel are painted in body colour where they are removable.
– Bodies are covered with High Gloss clear coat.
– Fully removable/coverable bodies panels.
– Please allow 2-3 months for delivery when we are out of stock.
– Model mounted on high quality acrylic display case.
– Please select the correct driver and race when placing order.
– Due to the settings of your monitor, the colour of the model may differ slightly from the original.

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