What is the shipping cost?

Shipping and handling charges will appear on the shopping cart after the address is typed in. If no shipping and handling charges appeared after the address is typed in that’s mean you are located in the shipping zone with our quotation.

How can I place an order?

Select the item you are interested on the web pages and click (Select). It will brings you to the page of the exact product. Click buy or options when it is available. If it is ready for immediate delivery it will shows (In stock). Click add to shopping cart then check out to complete the purchase process.  You will then receive an automated acknowledgement of what you have ordered.

How do I know what is in stock?

Click the product you are selected. If there are options to select the driver, click drivers. If the model is available it will shows (in stock). If it is (out of stock) it will shows temporarily out of stock but available to order. If you still want to reserve the model when it is next available you can place your order immediately.

What is available to order?

This means the item is available to order. We do not have the kits in stock but we will order the kits from the manufacturers after we have received your order. Delivery time are depend on the manufacturers and our building schedule. You will need to understand that they come when they come. You will be noticfied after the kits have arrived together with the estimated building time for your reference. Once the kits arrived we will start to build them. Building time please refer to (ready to build) section. You may still place your order on our site. Note however the cancelled back order may subject to a cancellation fee.


All prices listed on our website here are correct in Hong Kong Dollars at the time of entering the information and are subject to change without notice. Many of our products are from small overseas producers and so are subject to fluctuations in exchange rate at point of import. We will always give you the lowest price possible at the time your order is shipped.

Can I send my own kits to you to build?

Yes, all customers are welcome to send us kits to build. Please let us know by email before you send the kits over to us. You are requested to give us information of your kits as well as pictures in different angle of all the parts inside the kits. We can only give you the rough idea of what we charge before your kits have reached to us. Once the kits have arrived we will give you the quotation. You can supply us as much information as you have to enable us to build the model as closed to your requirement, but we can not guarantee 100% to your satisfaction. If the kits have reached to us within 1 week without your confirmation of your requirement. We are pretended that you are surrender your goods.